Wincore Windows 7700 Series

  1. Frame profiles feature internal divided chambers for added rigidity and enhanced thermal performance.
  2. Double-strength insulating glass unit is 7/8" – optimum size for dependable energy efficiency.
  3. Glass edges are positioned 1/2" into the sash to help maintain even temperatures.
  4. Frames and sash are welded at mitered corners – the strongest type of construction on the market.
  5. The sloped sill design prevents water from pooling during heavy rains.
  6. Multiple weatherseals at various points around each sash prevent drafts.
  7. Sash feature a closed-cell foam barrier seal at the sill to block water penetration.

Window Styles

7700 Grid Color Options


7700 Exterior Vinyl Color Options

7700 Interior Vinyl Color Options

7700 Grid Options